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"Sometimes the hardest thing
and the right thing are the same."

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TexHAs' Newest Conchos

TexHAs' Wildlife Conchos

TexHAs' Bling Conchos

TexHAs' Salutes Conchos

TexHAs' Native
American Series

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TexHAs' Christian Conchos

TexHAs' Roped Edge Conchos

TexHAs' Slotted Conchos

TexHAs' Saddle Sets

TexHAs' Texas Conchos

TexHAs' Fraternal Conchos

TexHAs' Ranch Conchos

TexHAs' Star Conchos

TexHAs' Cruisin' Conchos

TexHAs Sized Conchos

TexHAs' Coin Conchos

TexHAs' Artisan Conchos

TexHAs' Concho Accessories

TexHAs' Military Conchos

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TexHAs' Stock Show Conchos

All of our conchos, unless stated otherwise, have a
Chicago-style screw back
and include a 
5mm long screw.
Longer or shorter screws may be substituted on request.
All conchos are cast in zinc and then plated accordingly. 

Color Legend:
= Sterling Plate
HRSP = Hand Rubbed Sterling Plate

HRCP = Hand Rubbed Copper Plate
SPGP = Sterling and Gold Plate
HRSPGP1 = Hand Rubbed Sterling Plate with One Gold Plated Highlight
HRSPGP2 = Hand Rubbed Sterling Plate with Two Gold Plated Highlights

All "Hand Rubbed" conchos have a light antiquing rubbed on to them to accentuate the designs
and to create a slightly aged look. None of our conchos will rust and tarnish is minimized with
a special process of electro-laquering in three layers.
NP = Nickel Plate
ANP = Antique Nickel Plate
ACP = Antique Copper Plate
NPBP = Nickel Plate and Brass Plate


Larger quantity discounts available.

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